Soul Secret Agency

Soul Secret Agency delivers an eruptive and nostalgic retrospective into the 1960s peak era of Soul and R&B. The Montreal collective presents original songs about love, desire and self-discovery, driven by lavish melodies and the vocal prowess of singer Abigail Galwey.

Recorded entirely on analog tape under the direction of producer and sound engineer Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen, Godspeed You! Black Emperor), their self-titled debut album "Soul Secret Agency" and latest "Instrumentals" (out June 5) pay homage to 60’s Soul and R&B in Canada and especially in Montreal at a time when many Afro-American musicians would take up residency in cabarets and clubs across the city.

The songs conjure classic grooves and lavish melodies hinting at the sound of Motown and at the live music that was heard at the Apollo, Black Orchid, and Soul Heaven in Montreal.