Soul Secret Agency

Soul Secret Agency delivers an eruptive and nostalgic retrospect into the 1960s peak era of Soul and R&B. The Montreal retro-soul collective performs original songs about love, desire and self-discovery, driven by lavish melodies and the vocal prowess of singer Abigail Galwey. The album was recorded on tape at the mighty Hotel 2 Tango with the help of engineer & producer Howard Bilerman (Leonard Cohen’s "You Want It Darker", Arcade Fire’s Funeral) inspired by the sound of Motown with melodic driving bass lines, lush vocal harmonies and upbeat steady grooves. Their eponymous debut album will be released on May 24th.

As a trained musician, Danny Trudeau has spent the past ten years working alongside various artists as a composer, arranger and touring bass player. In the fall of 2015, Danny Trudeau released ThisCoTech, a disco album co-written with Olivier Fiset, which featured 25 musicians and guest singers from the Montreal music scene. After spending a few years writing music for commercials, he now explores the raw and intricate sounds of warm soul music tinged with melancholia and psychedelia. Danny Trudeau summoned some of the finest musicians to embark on this mind-bending ride; musicians that have played alongside some of Canada’s biggest acts such as Bran Van 3000, Brigitte Boisjoli and more.

This debut release will star vocalists Abigail Galwey and Dominique Fils-Aimé. Recorded and engineered at Hotel 2 Tango studios using analog recording techniques, the collective manages to get that warm, fuzzy and genuine 60's sound. Up until now, Soul Secret Agency has been the best kept soul secret in town - but not for much longer.